How can I use devices from Remo Laboratory?

Created: 2015-11-13
Last updated: 2015-12-02
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Remo is the only solution on the IT market which allows you to use it with your own mobile devices or with handhelds from Remo Laboratory. In our Laboratory we keep best selling Android phones, which might be an extra addition to your collection.


1. Add

To use devices from Remo Laboratory head to Devices page, choose Remo Laboratory and select all the devices which would you like to use. Alternatively on Manage Devices page you can choose +Add and select Book from Remo Laboratory from the listing.


By default all of the selected devices (even in different State) will be added to your private team’s devices list. If you would like to change it, choose another team listed on the right hand side and click +Add.

Page will reload into adequate team's Device page with devices added in the last step selected automatically.

As you can notice your own devices can be distinguished easily from handhelds from Remo Laboratory - all of them are marked with a small cart icon.


2. Book

In this moment you can add an extra devices from your list or book just selected handhelds chosen seconds before. Use the Book button to do so.

Please note that you need to have at least 10 credits per device as a deposit on your account to be able to attach device to your Dashboard. If your account is topped up with sufficient amount of credit, you can now confirm attaching devices by re-clicking Book button.

The booking timer is turn on at the same time (you can see it on the top of your screen, next to your username) and it will count how much credits we need to redeem from your account for using Remo devices. Do not waste time at this point and start your mobile testing immediately to avoid charging for unused time. To do so you can either click on Remo icon or Client page. At any stage you can also add extra devices or Release one already attached.


3. Use

Go to Client, Select devices, from preferable team select devices which you would like to use at the moment (one, a few or all of them from mix of your own and Laboratory handhelds), choose which of the selected you want as your Master device (select one of the round check boxes under pin icon) and click Apply.

All of devices visible in Dashboard are ready to use. In our example the first shown device is ours (with Remo Mobile Server app turned on) and the other two come from Remo Laboratory. To find out more about available features check Getting started with Remo topic.


4. Release

After finishing your work with devices you can release them in two ways:

  1. Click the clock icon on the top menu and then select release (will release all of the devices from Remo Laboratory at once);


  2. or Go to Devices page and click Release button shown next to used device on your devices list (releasing devices one by one).


Always remember to release devices once you do not wish to use them anymore as the clock will still count your time and redeem proper amount of credits from your account.


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