How can I add a new user to my Team?

Created: 2015-11-18
Last updated: 2015-11-21
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Working solo with Remo is a lot of fun, but collaborating with the others makes it even more enjoyable and gives you a lot of benefits such as devices and applications sharing, speedup your work, time and money savings, etc.


Adding a new team member could not be easier:


  1. Go to Teams page, choose a team which you wish to extend and open settings page.


  2. You can send your invitation in Members section by filling up the form with one’s email address and setting up a team role for a new team-mate. You can choose from three different options: Owner, Manager or Member. Confirm your invitation by clicking Invite button and wait for acceptance.

    In this moment you have two extra options: resend or expel an invitation.





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