Gesture Mirroring

Created: 2015-11-30
Last updated: 2015-12-04
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Struggling with an application testing on different mobile devices? Would you like to check how amazing your new website looks like on various handhelds? This feature is perfect to speed up your work and make it more efficient. Try it - it is fun.

Gesture Mirroring allows you to copy gestures which you make on one device and run it simultaneously on another handhelds.


Select at least two devices on your Client Dashboard, click Broadcast Gestures (highlighted red button afterwards), you will see a round pointer on all devices so now you can play with your Master device to see what’s happening on the rest of your handhelds. In our example after clicking on selected icon an Apps page will be open.

Gesture mirroring works from Master device to the others, never the other way around, so if you wish to broadcast gestures from different device simply
Pin it as master (option to be chosen from drop-down list above device).


It really works like a mirror, so we highly recommend to use this feature just with similar devices (comparable operating system, screen size and resolution) with similar arrangements of apps. Otherwise mirrored gesture can come across totally different app or empty space on screen which effects with completely different result than expected.


Ok, we decided to make your life easier so there is a little tip from us. Use Run option for Installed Apps and remember to tick Show common apps for all attached devices.

Choose an app from the list and confirm by clicking Run button.


Now, when screens on both devices look very similar Gesture Mirroring makes more difference and speed up your work. Imagine to test your own app on many devices simultaneously at the same time and see all the differences and bugs immediately. Pretty cool, huh?


To switch off Gesture Mirroring feature re-click on Broadcast gestures button.



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