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Created: 2015-12-01
Last updated: 2015-12-09
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Welcome to Remo - your favourite way to build devices clouds and manage them.

First what you see after logging in is your Client Dashboard with a short guide where to start.


All available sections you can find in the top menu.

  1. Client


This is a place where all the magic happens. This is a place where you can play with all the devices. To do so first you need to register your own device or/and book devices from Remo Laboratory and then by clicking on Select devices you can choose which handhelds you want to use at the moment.


Remo gives you a set of Features with a perception of working on a real mobile device. Specially for you we’ve created some cool stuff:

Each device is surrounded by very helpful buttons and options, such as:


  • Take a screenshot - you can use it either way: by selecting from drop-down list above the device or by clicking on camera icon at the upper right hand corner.

  • Pin as master - quick switching Master device again available from the list or after clicking on pin icon.

  • Ignore gestures - with Broadcast gestures feature on you can stop mirroring actions on selected device.

  • Close - after choosing this option from the drop-down list or by clicking on X icon device stops being visible on Client Dashboard but it is still available to use. You can add it again from Select device list and use it over and over. When you wish to close all devices at once please click on Close All button. Close option doesn’t stop booking time for devices from Remo Laboratory, which means the clock will not stop until you will Release device.

  • Release - this option applies only to devices booked from Remo Laboratory and finishes your booking. If you would like to use specific device one more time you need to book it again. Release option can be found and used as well by a) clicking on timer at the upper right hand corner or b) going to Devices page.

  • Rotate device - no problem if you need to check something in horizontal position as you can rotate device using arrows at the lower right hand corner.

  • Hardware buttons - you can find Menu Key, Home Key and Back Key right below the device.

  • Buttons - an extra options such as: Screen lock, Volume Up, Volume Down and Reboot.

  1. Devices


Place where you can manage your devices: register your own or book from Remo Laboratory, share devices with the others.


To find more help about this section go to Devices Management questions.


  1. Apps


Page dedicated for your apps: create repositories, upload new versions of applications and install them on devices.


To find more help about this section go to Apps Management questions.


  1. Reports


All of your reports generated by Gesture Recording tool go directly in here. Reports include detailed information about recorded stories: date and time, name of the story, devices on which story was recorded and within which team, status as well as extra options: sequences in story and full log output.

When all the recorded Sequences are played correctly and with no interruption report status is always Complete. In any other case status is marked as Incomplete to give you a hint that something went wrong.

Reports page gives you an amazing tool to use - JIRA Integration. Check it out to find out more about it.

  1. Teams


Everything that is connected with team management: create new team, add new team-mates, change privileges and share devices to specific team.


To find more help about this section go to Team Management questions.


  1. Your profile


This is your own place where you can manage your settings, notifications and JIRA Integration as well as your subscription and billing details.

At the very beginning when you log in to your account the status next to your Name may say “Not-verified” which means you did not follow the verification link sent to you when registered Remo account. That doesn’t change a lot as you can still use Remo with all the functionalities. If you did not receive or wish to resend a verification link please click on “Not-verified” button.

  1. Notifications

System automatically notify you about each action taken regardless of success or failure. You can find here all the information about new created teams, added team members, booked or released devices, uploaded new version of app and many others.



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