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Created: 2015-12-02
Last updated: 2015-12-07
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Gesture Recording allows you to record gesture sequences on specific device and play them whenever you need to, even on different devices (differences may occur). This is another feature to boost your work with handhelds, especially for repetitive gestures, e.g. if you test your own application and each update or even small change require same, repeated steps you will love Gesture Recording. Simply record all the sequences and play over and over again.


How to record all the gestures?


Choose one device to work with and have a look on Gesture Recording section on your Dashboard.

  1. Click +Record new story.


  2. Change Story name.


  3. Add new Sequence by clicking on + button.


  4. Now you can name the Selected sequence, set Delay before/after (we recommend to add extra a few seconds to ensure system will have enough time to repeat all the gestures) and tick if you wish to have Screenshot before/after.


  5. Click red round button (Create a recording on all devices) on Record on devices section to start recording. Recording mode is easy to recognize thanks to red accents appearing at the same time on  Client page.


  6. Remember, you need to record Sequences one by one. Make first step within  Sequence and stop recording.


  7. Repeat step 4-6 for all required actions and gestures. When editing is required simply select chosen Sequence and click on Recording button to overwrite new version or to adjust to different device.


  8. Now you can play all the Story or Sequences one by one:

  1. select one of the Sequences from the list and click Play (black triangle button); to leave this preview page and be able to make other steps or changes click Stop (black square button) at the bottom of the page; or

  2. click Preview and:

  • choose if you wish to play All or just selected Sequences,

  • click Playback and see what happens,

  • click Report button to start playing your Story automatically and receive report from the whole action.


How to remove:

  1. Story - head to Select existing gesture recording and click Delete button shown when you hover your pointer on the Story name.

  2. single Sequence - go further to Edit if you’re on Gesture Recording main page and then simply click X sign next to chosen Sequence.


During testing process you repeat over and over same gestures, so we highly recommend to record return to initial setting as the last Sequence in each Story. This gives you absolute certainty that app is always tested from the same starting point.


And there is another tip: it’s better to record a few shorter Sequences rather than single but long one. It prevents you from recording the Sequence one more time from the very beginning when you could just overwrite short moment to fit it to specific device when you see the discrepancies.

To find out more check out second part about Gesture Recording, but this time on different devices.


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