Gesture Recording – Different devices

Created: 2015-12-03
Last updated: 2015-12-04
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Hope you know all the basics about Gesture Recording already (but if now, have a look in this article) so we can go a step further.


You do work with mobile devices so you know how differences (different operating system, screen size and resolution, manufacturer, apps arrangement) between them may cause problems. This situation applies to Gesture Recording feature as well, but do not worry - we’re here with solution, ready to help. You can edit and overwrite single Sequences to conform them to specific device and believe us it’s faster than recording new Story separately.


How to edit and fit recorded gestures to different mobile devices?


On your Client Dashboard go to Gesture Recording section and follow steps:


  1. Click on Select existing story and choose Story to update.


  2. Click Edit button.


  3. Choose which Sequences you wish to change and on which device.


  4. Select Sequence and click red round button (Create recording on all devices).


  5. To ensure everything works correctly click Preview button and then Playback.



After this quick operation chosen Story should be played accurately on each device.



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