JIRA Integration

Created: 2015-12-04
Last updated: 2016-01-19
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We use JIRA every day and so do you probably. We’re trying to face your problems and make your life easier and that is why we introduce you JIRA Integration. It allows you to report directly about new features, bugs, tasks etc. which need to be done.


On your Profile you can find JIRA Integration login page to be filled up with your details.

Project to work on and Issue Type (e.g. New Feature, Bug, Task, Purchase). Confirm with Save settings and you’re done.


Now you can report directly from Remo to JIRA. Such a relief, huh? To do so head to Reports page and click View button next to chosen report to see Playback summary. When clicking on any of Sequence’s name you can see Report to JIRA button. Remember that your report will be send to JIRA with the Issue Type set before. But do not worry, JIRA by itself gives you possibility to change it later accordingly.


On your new JIRA Issue you can find the most important information such as: name of the played Sequence, date and time of generated report, tested device as well as link to Full log output and link to the full Remo report.




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